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APYS® general informations

We integrated the recent modern knowledge with century’s tradition for improving your health. APYS mellifera is the latin name of our honey collecting bee. Linné gave the name in the XVIII-th century. That is why we use in scientific citations the name Apis mellifera L.. All, what the bees are collecting we form into usable human products. We would like you to remember, all the healing power is coming from our small friends, the bees, Apis mellifera. So the product group name is easy to remember: APYS®. We are researching apitherapy for long time. We developed our products with the feedback of our patients. All knowledge, we acquired, accumulated are included in our products.

We are researching apitherapy for long time. We developed our products with the feedback of our patients. All knowledge, we acquired, accumulated are included in our products.


The APYS® product family:

APYS® FACE & BEAUTY - bee venom face ointment

_bWe keep our bees on a very clean enviroment to get the best purity of all of our products. We have our bees in the National park of Duna-Ipoly. The area is protected with the European Diploma which is granted by the Council of Europe.

Our products are long time developed and over 2 years tested by master cosmeticians in Hungary. Six different types of skins was tested. EU certified cosmetic.

The detailed results was presented at different conferences:

Rudolf Ibolya (2012.02.12.): A méhméreg arckrémek új generációjának kettősvak tesztjeinek eredményei;  - Double blind tests of the new generation of bee venom face ointments. II. Hungarian Apitherapy Congress, Budapest

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2012. szeptember 23.): Topical usage of bee venom ointments (Utilizarea topica a unguentelor pe baza de venin de albine) V. romanian apitherapy conference. Cluj-Napoca, Kolozsvár.

Dr. János Körmendy-Rácz; (2012 . 05. 11): Testul cosmetic dublu orb randomizat si placebo  al unei creme cu venin de albina. (Double blind, randomized, placebo controlled cosmetical test of a hungarian bee venom ointment) SIMPOZION  OF THE API-FITOTERAPIE IN ARAD; 11-13 MAI 2012 (->)

Rudolf Ibolya, Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2011.03.25): Bienengiftsalbe in Gesichtspflege - Bee Venom Ointment in Facial Cosmetics. IX. GERMAN Apitherapy Congress, Passau.

INCI: Bee venom, Hippophae rhamnoides semen oil, Onotera biennis semen oil, Lavander Agustufolia oil, ...

Bee venom: Bees kept in natural way. We have bee venom production of grade I. The high level of production gives us the best cosmetic basis material. We use the world most advanced bee venom collection method from the Canadian bee venom expert Michael Simics. The machines are capable to fine tune the collection procedure to allow gentle bee venom collection. The bees stay alive with this collection methods, we do not harm the bees. The venom is pure, we collect very carefully, so there is no need for any manipulation or purification. The bee venom can be used as the whole, with all the synergic effect of the original composition.

Bee venom has more dozent active components. The most recent scientific research proved, that components of bee venom, like for example melittin, Phospholipaze A2, apamin are activating the calipparies of the skin. The enhance the circulation, help to remove waste from the cells and increase the material exchange both directions. The unwanted deposits are removed. Thus helps also the oxigen to reach all parts of the skin. At last, but not at least the bee venom has a strong antibacteriel, atifungal, antiviral and antiinflammatory effect. This fights lots of unwanted microorganisms, and helps to clean the whole skin.

The mellittin - proved in German University - stimulates the production on new cells via regulating the natural stem zells. Due this unique efect the rewewing process of the skin get again active. It has the result, that the average age of the zells of the skin gets younger, short said: it has a proven anti-aging effect. So this anti ageing effect is not just a marketing slogen, but a scientific evidence.

During the cleaning phase could come to removal of waste material of the skin, but short after you get a nice picture of the skin. The wrinkles get smoother, shortes, you will favóce a younger face is the mirror. Please take a good, detailed photo before you begin to use APYS bee venom face and beuty care cream, and after 10 day, 20 days. Wi would thank you special way for your testminial too.

Bee venom has lof of medical effects too. Hust to cite the scientific literature mentioned the immune regulating system. One of the largest immune organ is the skin. It has the barrier for our body. If we help it, we will get not only a nice, but more takt deffence too.


homoktövisSee buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) seed oil: The traditional Chinese medicine uses it since minimum 3200 years. It is high valued in China, Russia and Germany. As bee venom, it has also a strong anti oxidant effect. This makes it very important to protect the skin against enviromental stress, pollution, sun exposure and even radiation from space and mankind radiation sources.
See buckthorn seed oil is reach in Vitamines A, E, C, B1, B2, B9, B12, D, P (Capillarioes vitamine), F, K1 and minerals. It is reach in unsaturated fatty acids, which has the strong anti oxidant effects. This protects the cells and prevents fast aging. It contains 22 fatty acids, like alfa linolenic acid, omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids. From 50 keratonid in the kingdom of plants this seed oil contains 39, like beta-karoten, which is a trong anti cancer agent.
From the 22 amino acids this plant contains 18! It is one of the richest amino acid sources.
It contains minerals: K, Na, Mg, Ca, Fe, Zn, Se, Even Selenium! This is very important for women. Selenium is very important by having a child, and after the births to restore the balance of the human body.

Hatásai köz tartozik a bőr regeneráló, ekzéma kezelő, égések, radioaktív sérülések sebeinek gyógyító hatása.


ligetszépeLigetszépe magolaj (Oenothera biennis): Összetételében az antioxidánsok és a telítetlen zsírsavak jelentik a legfőbb bőrtáplálékot. A bőrre rendkívül jótékonyan hat, antioxidáns hatásával erősen lassítja az öregedést a gamma linolénsav. Kiváló összetevője a száraz, gyulladásra hajlamos bőrök kezelésének. Jelentős a kávésav, linolsav, olajsav, palmitinsav, sztearinsav tartalma is. A ligetszépe magolaj egyébként csökkenti a vér koleszterin szintjét is.

Levendula olaj 800px-Bee_on_lavender_flower(Lavendula angustifolia): A felesleges baktériumok elölésében a vérkeringés fokozásában játszik szerepet. Bőrsérülésekre gyakorolt hatását a Bencések Tihanyban 1055-óta, míg Pannonhalmán 996 óta ismerik és akalmazzák. Sebgyógyító, bőr regeneráló hatása közismert olyan nehezen gyógyuló sebek, mint égés is.tihanyiapatsag1

Citrusolaj: A krémben mesterséges tartósítószert (parabeneket, stb.) nem alkalmazunk. A természetes anyagok közül a citrusolajat használjuk a krém eltarthatóságának növeléséhez.

A krém hatóanyagainál nem alkalmaztunk semmilyen olyan anyagot, amelyek a bőrbe jutva káros hatást váltanának ki. A krém nem tartalmaz parabeneket, kőolaj származékokat, mesterséges illat és színanyagokat, szilikonszármazékokat, ill.  PEG és génmódosított növényi származékokat.


Kettősvak randomizált, placebó ellenőrzött teszt

A gyógyszerek vizsgálatánál is alkalmazott tesztmetődust alkalmaztunk. Sem a kozmetikus, sem a paciens nem tudta, hogy az adott krém tartalmaz-e hatóanyagot, vagy nem. A vizsgálatokat összesen 145 tesztalanyon végeztük el az alábbi bontásban:

alipikus, mélyrétegi vízhiány 26 fő
korpás szeborheás bőr, felszíni vízhiány 55 fő
olajos szeborrheás, zsíros; 12 fő,
érzékeny gyulladásra hajlamos17 fő.
alipikus (zsírhiányos), bőrfelszíni vízhiány, 35 fő:

Általános tapasztalat, hogy a krém jól felszívódott, kellemes,  bársonyos bőr alakult ki, a mély ráncok finomabbá váltak. A teljes tájékozottság érdekében a méhméreg gyógyító hatásaival kapcsolatban keresse fel az apiterápiás weboldalakat.

Please read the usage instruction (in english, chinese, romanian or hungarian language)


CASE STUDIES for APYS® Bee venom face cream (FACE & BEAUTY CARE)

Lady, 45, Owner of an elegant cosmetic salon.

The APYS® bee venom ointment has a smell of a very natural product. The patients of the luxory cosmetic salons are loving more elegant smells. The APYS® has too natural smell. But she agreed to use the APYS® Face&Beauty Care bee venom face cream. After one week she said: "There is a picture in the mirror, for what you  will find the smell of the APYS® cream to be the finest on the world!"


APYS (FACE & BEAUTY CARE) Bee Venom Face Cream, and packagings:



15 g airless pump APYS Face and Beauty AIRLESS 15g WEB_b

After registration and login on the webpage:

I would like to order in the webshop the APYS 15 g Face&Beauty bee venom face cream in airless packaging

30 g airless pump APYS Face and Beauty AIRLESS 30g web_b After registration and login on the webpage: I would like to jump to the webschop to bye APYS Face@Beauty bee venom face cream 30 g AIRLESS


The usage instructions in English and three other languages are avaiable here.

Try it, and be happy with it. If you like it, let's give as a gift for your best friends too.


APYS HEALTH&BEAUTY bee venom ointmentAPYS® HEALTH & BEAUTY - bee venom ointment for general porposes

We suggest it to treat pains, reumatoid conditions, warts, joints, muscles, skin problems ...

For product information you will need a klub-code, get on the back side of the product card. Ask your cosmetician, doctor, medical healer or your business professional to get one.


Case 1. Callus (hardness of the skin) unknown origin on the face.

I have one comparsion of three different bee venom ointments.  Woman 40 years old, Medical Doctor from profession, had a callus bellow the lip. First she used an European bee venom ointment (not APYS®) for few days. The problem did not disappeared completely. After this period she used an American bee venom ointment. The problem disappeared after few days of usage, but after one week it came back. At this point she began to use APYS® bee venom ointment (Health&Beauty Care). Three days she was using it. It disappeared, and did not came again.

(REMARK: I will do a scientific comparsion, and in a scientific paper I will give also the names of the used ointments. Although without scientific prove I could not trust on a single case study and I could not assist by creating a bad reputation of any products.)

I have the hypothesis, that the APYS bee venom ointment had deeper effect, and reached the very bottom of the problem.

Case 2. Girl, 16 years old. Warts, Condyloma Acuminatum

Warts around anus more 20 pieces (1,5 years old), 3-5 on the interior part of the thighs (2 years old), and one on the forehead (2 months old). Diagnosis: Condyloma Acuminatum. Since 2 years she had different but unsuccessfull treatments. Time for the operation was fixed for the first week of october 2012. Grandfather was listening to one of my presentations on 1th of Sept 2012, and asked for possibilities. They used APYS® bee venom ointment (Health&Beauty Care). After 3 days the warts from the forehead was disappeared. After 2 weeks of intensive usage of the ointment began the anus region to clear. After three weeks of treatment only 3 warts was remaining. At this point they terminated the operation.

After 4 weeks all of the symptoms was disappeared.

All used ointment was one tube of 30 g APYS® Health&Beauty Care bee venom ointment.

In the naturopathic practice we have good experience on: pain killing, reumatical problems, differet kind of warts, like Condyloma Acuminatum, herpes simplex, hemorroids.

30 g medicl grade tube apyshealthandbeautyméhméregkrém30g_b

After registration and login on the webpage:

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APYS® propolis suspension

50 ml, contains more propolis ingredients than an alcoholic solution. Best suited for open wounds - to regenerate the skin very fast. We do not suggest it for deep wounds at the begining. We suggest also for rapid painkilling (2 minutes) of toothache, 10 mnutes for earache, otitis, ...


Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2011. október 15.): Utilizarea propolisului si veninului de albine in tratamentul cancerului de san - Using propolis and bee venom by handling of breast cancer. al IV-lea Congres de Apiterapie al S.R.A. - IV. Romanioan Apitherapy Congress, Bucuresti.

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János(2011.03.25): Fallstudie: Brustkrebsbehandlung - Case study: Handling of breast cancer. IX. German Apitherapy Congress , Passau.

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2011. február 19): Esettanulmány: emlőrák kezelése. Case Study: handling of breast cancer. First Hungarian Apitherapy Congress,Budapest .

Case study: Lady 79 years old. Breast cancer.

Diagnosed with different tumors in the left breast. She used the Propolis suspension for 1 years. The 4x5 cm large tumor disappeared during this period. She is full with energy.

APYS® Intensive propolis in honey

40 g in glas jar. It is the most effective form to absorb propolis to the human body. It is 9 times more effective, than raw propolis or propolis suspension. It does not contains any alcohol.

Best suited for kids, car driving persons, and everybody, who does not want the side effect of the alkohol.

Case study: 80 years old lady with stomac ulcer.

The disease was handled with antibiotics over 6 months, without satisfaction of the patient. After using one jar of APYS Intensive propolis is honey the symptoms was disappeared. The healing process was confirmed thrue laboratory tests.

We have good experience in naturopathic practice: gastric ulcer, intestinal inflammation, general strengthening, prevention of flu, cancer, leg ulcers, diabetic wound.

35 g glass jar Fényképgaléria megtekintése

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APYS® propolis ointment

High effective for HERPES Simplex, Hemorrhoids and closed skin problems. Under test. Avaiable only for test purposes.

APYS® Royal Jelly

Delivered in 25 g plastic jars. Deep freezed. Best suited for strengthen the human body, regeneration after any illness, prevent cancer, kill cancer cells, rebuild tissues - heal tissues, regulate the immune system, handle autoimmun deseases, help to get a child (for both parties), to help heal burns without any remaining signs,...

Could not be delivered by post.


For our partner NATURAL HEALERS and MEDICAL DOCTORS, COSMETICIANS and other PROFESSIONALS we give advice and protocol, how to use the products.



To order it is possible only with a club-code. For persons with personal contact to DrKRJ without any clubcode, just send an email. For more information ask us English, Deutsch, magyarul on email krj (at) apiterapia (dot) hu. Other languages is also possible, which is official in one of our APYS partner countries, but it takes more time.

We do have medical doctor partners in the following countries:

FLAG Magyar_s Hungary, flag Romania1 Romania, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the flag OMAN1_b Sultanate of Oman

If you are interested on the business possibilities, not dependent whether you are from countries listed or not, please feel free yourself to contact us.


Package sending informations

ItalyOmanThailand, Test


You find little more information on the hungarian site. Please follow the Hungarian flag in the top right corner, and use the google translator temporally.

Detailed informations are avaiable: krj (at) apiterapia (dot) hu.

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